General Information

Choose the right getaway for your best friend!

There comes a time when your beloved dog(s) require to be kenneled. For you, the discerning dog owner nothing but the best suffices. We encourage you to visit our kennels by prior appointment.

The Requirements

Puppies can be admitted to the kennels from the age of 16 weeks.


Vaccination card must be up to date, no exceptions


  • We stock Eukanuba/Hills kibble and meat-based raw food.
  • If your dogs are on a different brand of food, we recommend you supply us with their food.
  • The meals, whether the food is ours or yours, will be supplemented with: raw vegetables (carrots, cabbage, apples), coconut oil and yoghurt.
  • Puppies are fed 3 (three) times a day
  • Adults are fed 2 (two) times a day.

Daily Routine

In the morning the staff will attend to:

Shaking out of bedding, washing water bowls and replacing the water, cleaning and spraying the sleeping area for ticks, fleas and flies, preparing each individual meal, administering medication (if needed) as well as inspecting and removing stool from the kennels.


Dogs are let out of their kennel. We have three separate fenced-off areas for different-sized dogs to run freely for 20 to 30 minutes under supervision. Dogs from one kennel will not come into contact with dogs from another kennel.

Special Needs

Medication will be administered if need be. Please ensure to inform us (on the booking form) of the name of the medication to use, how much, how often and whether the medication needs to be kept in the refrigerator etc.

Arrival Procedure

If you are on time there will be no dogs running around, therefore you and your dog will be safe.

For first-time visitors, we suggest a few minutes of interaction between you and your dog/s and us.

For those who are regulars, a quick goodbye (No fuss)

You are welcome to bring your own bedding, if not we will supply.

Going Home!

After a stay longer than 7 days, on the day of departure from our kennels, your dog/s will probably need a bath, after which they will be kept in a clean but restricted area to avoid unnecessary stress to the dog/s.

Confirm the approximate pick-up time and we will ensure that the dog/s is clean/dry and ready to go back home at the time specified by you.

Should you require any further information please contact us.


We are happy to show you the kennels. Please make an appointment to visit.